Moses Land is the project of Matt O’Brien, a software product manager living in San Francisco and currently writing in the third person, whose middle name, somewhat mysteriously, is Moses.

He looks like this:

Credentially speaking, he’s been a product manager (Lumosity and Big Health), an entrepreneur (SongLyrics.com and BuddyBoss, on which this site is built), and a grad student (in philosophy, at the University of Chicago).

Existentially, like all of us he didn’t choose to be here, but now that he’s taken a look around, he thinks that life is an incredible opportunity and he intends to make the most of things.

Big picture, he’s enchanted with the vision of a universe full of good times. He wants good times for himself and for all sentience now and in the future. The more the better.

He’s glad that others are working on problems of existential risk and he’s grateful that we might have have a shot at populating the universe. But he’s convinced that survival isn’t enough, and he’s personally more inspired to work on improving the quality of subjective experience than on its quantity.

To that end, he’s primarily interested in two things:

  1. “How do I make the most of my time here?”
  2. “How do I help others do the same?”

If you’re wondering where to start, then Matt recommends starting at home, or coming back later when there’s more here.

If you want to sign up for the Moses Notes newsletter, you can do so here — but you should know that Matt hasn’t yet sent a single newsletter and he has provided no ETA.

Here’s a photo of the author with his grandmother.