Tesla Masterplan: Phase 2

Ten years ago Elon Musk wrote a blog post proclaiming Tesla’s masterplan. At the time it was largely ignored; where it wasn’t ignored it was largely panned. He wanted to solve Earth’s energy problems, and he wanted to do it via the circuitous route of building a series of electric cars. Building cars is hard. Building electric cars is super hard. It looked like idiocy.

But then he did it.

A week ago he tweeted that he would be announcing part 2 of Tesla’s masterplan. Today he published that plan.

The goal is still to accelerate the advent of sustainable energy. The gist of part 2:

  1. Tesla, joined with Solar City, will put solar panels on every roof and batteries in every house. No more fossil fuel need be burned at home.
  2. Tesla will produce electric vehicles to replace the dirty versions of all major forms of terrestrial transport. This includes the Model 3, but also heavy trucks and busses.
  3. Tesla will make all its vehicles automatic, which allows them to be shared, which allows them to be incredibly cheap to own.

This time, I’m not betting against him.

The announcement: https://www.tesla.com/blog/master-plan-part-deux


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