Stage 2 of the writing habit

Having tried and failed many times to kickstart the habit of writing, two months ago I took a piece of inspiration from Julie Zhou and started an anonymous blog. I set myself the goal of hitting publish every day for 7 weeks. Then I did that, for seven weeks.

Many of my posts were shitty. A few were all right. Most of them were written at about 10pm as I laid in bed, just trying to get something out so that I could go to sleep. All of them were first drafts. But I believe what Neil Strauss said: the first draft should be just for you, and the second draft should be for your reader.

So, having finished the first round and learned a lot from it, I’m now starting a second round in which I write second drafts of some of the first drafts I published in the second round. I’ll go for 4 weeks, starting today, even though this is actually an original first draft.

The goal now is to practice making the writing a little bit better. I’ll use views, reads, and recommends as my metrics.

Let the second drafts begin!


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