I think Stranger Things will pay its debts

Warning: spoilers

I’ve just finished episode 7 of season 1, in which all the characters who are ‘in the know’ get together and finally share information. Eleven gets in the kiddie pool and drops to the other side, where she finds a dead-as-heck Barbara and a barely alive Will Byers. It ends with the police chief dude and Will’s mom getting captured at the Department of Energy facility.

And I now believe that Stranger Things will pay its debts. They’ll do it with magic. But that’s fine. They’ll have a sciency-enough but not-too-much sounding explanation for it all. It’ll be like the X-Files.

But I don’t think it’ll be like Lost or The Village, in which you have all this crazy shit that you can’t possibly tie together except by stepping back from reality into some “it was all a dream” kind of story.

So I’ma keep on watching.


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