The “Winds of Winter” was great

Warning: spoilers

The Game of Thrones season 6 finale “The Winds of Winter” was satisfying. Let me count the satisfactions.

  1. The opening scenes of Cersei, Tommen, the High Sparrow and others donning their attire. Yeah. Shit is about to go down.
  2. Walder Frey going about being the lecherous old freak that he is, when bam! Arya Stark makes him eat his kids and cuts his throat!
  3. Cersei just says fuck it and blows everyone up!
  4. Jon Snow and Sansa sitting atop the wall in Winterfell felt so right.
  5. Old Lady Tyrell giving those Dornish sisters what’s what.
  6. That little Mormont girl calling all those big Northern dudes out for not heeding the call.
  7. All those big Northern dudes a minute later: “Da King in da Norf!”
  8. That flashback at the end: whoooaaa, so Jon Snow is Jon Targaryen? Such intrigue. Will he get it on with Sansa? I guess she’s still his half-sister. Or what about with Daenerys? But now she’s his… aunt? But if he’s not a Stark by paternal lineage, what about this newly-refangled Northern alliance?

If I had the data on every television episode I’ve ever watched in terms of satisfaction per minute, I bet this would be in the top 5.


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