Four criteria for a good vision

A vision can ignite and align an organization. Here are four criteria by which to evaluate a vision statement:

  1. Does it inspire? A good vision activates people. It’s something that, on Day 1 and Day 1000, can be called into mind to generate motivation to continue.
  2. Does it guide? A good vision has a perspective. On key decisions, a people turn to the vision and say “which option better satisfies the vision?” As a corollary, a good vision aligns: if everyone in an org is turning to the same vision to guide their decisions, they’ll be making decisions that are aligned with one another.
  3. Is it used? A good vision doesn’t go in one ear and out the other. Employees don’t need to look up the vision statement to remember what it is. A good vision is remembered and used.
  4. Is it accurate? A good vision, when accomplished, leaves you happy. A bad vision, when accomplished, makes you wish you’d aimed somewhere else.